Saturday, 15 July 2017

Cheat Code Keypad

Have a hard time remembering or typing all those troubling & meaningless(in some games) cheat codes for games like in the GTA series??

Well here's the solution for that. I present to you the "CHEAT CODE KEYPAD" whose sole purpose is to type those cheats at game-play with a single button stroke. Furthermore you can also save the configurations as *.cck files that allow you to quickly toggle between different games/modes whenever required.


Just download the app from here, run the application & click on "About" button.
This application may raise false AV positives as it was coded in AutoIt & uses the WinAPI in a way similar to that of a keylogger but with a very limited scope. Rest assured, this application is completely free from any malware or viruses. In case of broken links, please use the comment section to request new link.


In no case the developer is responsible for the damages caused by the misuse of this application.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Youtube Link Fetcher

Version : 1.1

Hi friends! After a long absence, I'm back.

Here, I present to you my Youtube Link Fetcher.
This application was developed so as to support 30 sites.
Currently, as of 16-March-2016, the features include -

+fetch direct downloadable links for youtube videos
+copy link to use in your favorite "Download Manager"

How to use ??

Download the application from here.

1> Start the application.
2> Paste the URL of the youtube page from which you want to download the video(or simply the video url)
3>Select the API of your preference from the API list
4> Click on the "Get Video" button.
5> After the metadata has been fetched successfully, choose the download format from the "Found Types" drop-down list.
6> Click on "Copy" button to copy the link to clipboard.
7>Paste the link on your favorite video downloader and download the video.

NOTE : If one API doesn't work then just change the API from the drop-down menu.

WARNING : This application is provided as/is without any warranty of any kind. You use it at your own risk. By the way, this application is 100% virus/malware free provided that the downloaded file/s is/are obtained from the above links.


Obtained links may expire after 4 hours, so refresh it again to obtain a new link.
In case any error occurs while downloading the video from the obtained link, just obtain a new secured link for the same video alongwith the same video type.

This application has been developed by Rajarshi Vaidya aka GameMaster Greatee

Sunday, 12 January 2014


This is one of the best software for creating bootable usb drives.

-supports all WinOS and sysLinux bootable media creation
-provides environment to test bootable usb disks

To make a Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 bootable usb, follow given steps :-

1.Install the setup.
2.Insert the usb which you want to make bootable.
3.Start the RMPrepare USB application.
4.The name of the usb will be shown on the top box(Drives option).
5.Select the appropriate USB if multiple options are shown.
6.In "4.File System and Overdrives", check on the box "NTFS" and tick on
    "Boot as HDD(C:2PTNS)".
7.Click on "6.Prepare Drive".
8.Now it will ask to run a command.Select yes.
9.After all the process is completed and control is on the RMPrepare window, check if the command
   completed successfully by looking on the right side of "Choose Source" button.
10.Last step is to copy all the items of the windows installation disk to the bootable usb.

Please note that after step 9,the usb is bootable and you can now copy any files on the usb whose 
boot file is managed by BOOTMGR(i.e. a file named 'bootmgr' is also included with the windows
installations file. Note that the bootable image created by AOMEI Backupper,discussed on previous
post, can also be mounted on the usb in a similar way as it contains 'bootmgr' file).

For making a Windows XP usb disk, you need to download a dll file namely NTLDR.dll from and then copy it to USB drive after making it bootable. To make an XP bootable
USB drive, you just need to select "XP/BartPE bootable[NTLDR]" in the "2.Bootloader Options" of 
RMPrepare USB and rest all the same as for Windows 8.

To download RMPrepare USB, click here.

Best Free Backup Software :-

With this software, you have the ability to restore all your backupped programs which were once working perfectly(you must already have a backup created previously). It's features are :-

--create self bootable drive
--create self ISO image for future use
--full system backup(backup of the operating system - this backup contains the OS bootloader)
--partition backup(backup of only a partition - note that this backup doesn't contain any bootloader)
--view contents of backup as read-only mode

1.A backup can only be used on only the system on which it was created or on similar hardware.

To download it, click here.

Best Software For PC Maintenance :-

PRIVAZER is a good software for computer maintenance. It provides great features such as :-

--remove traces of private data from disk
--hard drive cleanup with steroids.
--optimal tool to clean PC.
--remove activity traces.
--special attention to deletion of sensitive data.
--boost system privacy and performance.

Totally free for commercial or private use......
To download click here.